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We are introducing and offering ValuPro; a valuation and profiling software program, on Business-Trader.com.  For details, please see About ValuPro
On November 17, 2007 we purchased Business-Trader.com from its 1999 founders...

We recommend that you complete and submit each of the ‘buyer’s profile’ forms. Some may wish to submit less than requested. In particular, some will be reluctant to submit financial information.  If your submission is sufficient to create a business-wanted listing, it will be posted but, if your submission is not complete with financial information, it may not be fully matched to a business-for-sale and may not be sufficient to obtain all business-for-sale information otherwise available.

The information you submit will be NON-IDENTIFIED to anyone but Business-Trader.com, and used in the creation of:

  • an on-site list of businesses-wanted in non-identified detail similar to businesses-for-sale; a list that business owners might peruse as they begin to think about selling or who maybe searching for a specific connection that might lead to the sale their business, and;
  • a database search and match criteria and a mechanism by which, when a potential match is found, confidential information can be exchanged in a controlled, secure and non-threatening, non-identified format until both sides have analyze the potential, agreed there is a match potential worth pursuing and have authorize the release of further information. (see: the on-line intermediary program) 
All identifying information, of either buyer or seller, will be held in confidence by Business-Trader.com and released ONLY with the authorization of each.
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