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We are introducing and offering ValuPro; a valuation and profiling software program, on Business-Trader.com.  For details, please see About ValuPro
On November 17, 2007 we purchased Business-Trader.com from its 1999 founders...

If you are a business buyer looking for a suitable businesses-for-sale, we welcome you to Business-Trader.com. This buyer section of the web-site is designed to help facilitate your search through a listing of businesses-for-sale and by posting your business-wanted ads, and to provide information and offer suggestions that we hope will assist you in the processes. 

To see a listing businesses-for-sale, go to Businesses-for-Sale
To create a business-wanted ad/profile, go to Create a Biz-Wanted Ad
For suggestions about creating a good ad/profile, go to Biz-Wanted Suggestions
To create a buyer profile, go to Create a Buyer Profile
To learn about the Buffer of Confidentiality program, go to On-line Intermediary
For other buy/sell related information, go to Resources

About Buying a Business:  Businesses of various types and sizes will be listed on this site, and buyers are of course free to browse the listings to see what might be suitable. Additionally, we suggest a buyer should create and post a Buyer Profile and Biz-Wanted Profile. Business owners and/or their reps will browse the site from time to time, to see what buyers are looking for.

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