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We are introducing and offering ValuPro; a valuation and profiling software program, on Business-Trader.com.  For details, please see About ValuPro
On November 17, 2007 we purchased Business-Trader.com from its 1999 founders...

The Confidential Business Profile reports include:

6-eReport; a Report to Seller designed for the user who is a business broker or a selling agent representing the business owner. ValuPro generates a report to the seller recommending price and terms of sale, complete with justification.  6-eReport also includes a Listing Agreement, (optional). See: Sample Profiles; 6-eReport

7-eIntro; an Introductory Profile designed as a blind and confidential introduction, describing the business and the buying opportunity in just enough detail to enable a prospective buyer to make a preliminary assessment of interest to look further, or lack thereof.  It includes a confidentiality agreement for the buyer’s acceptance.  7-eIntro also includes a Buyer’s Profile form and a form for Buyer’s Net Worth Statement, which may or may nor be requested, depending on seller’s policy.
see: Sample Profiles; 7-eIntro

8-eFinanc; a Financial Profile designed as a follow-up to the Introductory Profile, if and when the buyer has executed and returned the confidentiality agreement and has otherwise been qualified. The Financial Profile may be a 20 to 25 page presentation, setting out the financial base of the business-for-sale in significant detail and presenting and justifying; arguing the basis, assumptions, pricing and terms of sale.  We recommend the Financial Profile continue to be non-identifying of the business-for-sale.
see: Sample Profiles; 8-eFinanc

9-eProfile; the complete Business Profile designed to follow the Financial Profile. The Business Profile may be a 30 or 40 page presentation and will be the primary selling package, describing the business-for-sale in significant detail, both through numbers and narrative, and setting out and justifying; arguing the basis, assumptions, pricing and terms of sale.  The Business Profile may not (or may) continue to be non-disclosing as to the identity of the company, but otherwise disclose in sufficient financial detail for a serious buyer to calculate that financial basis to an offer to purchase.
see: Sample Profiles; 9-eProfile

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