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We are introducing and offering ValuPro; a valuation and profiling software program, on Business-Trader.com.  For details, please see About ValuPro
On November 17, 2007 we purchased Business-Trader.com from its 1999 founders...

Should you decide that the valuation process is not the best application of your time and efforts, ValuPro offers the following Business Valuation Services.

Valuation Packages:

  • Valuation Package 1 - business valuation only.
  • Valuation/Profile Package 2 - business valuation complete with business profiles.

Rules of Thumb:

  • We anticipate most package 1 valuations will run between $500 and $2,500, and
  • most package 2 valuation/profile combos will run from $1,500 to $4,500.
  • some larger and more complex packages may be quoted higher.
  • We will provide a firm quotation that will be subject to agreement before either of us will be committed to anything other than confidentiality.  We are generally able to provide such quotation once we have reviewed the following information.

1)   Which package:

  • Package 1 - business valuation only,
  • Package 2 - business valuation complete with business profile packages

2)   Purpose for the valuation:

  • Pricing the business-for-sale.      
  • Internal purposes only, no immediate sale intended.

3)   Is it intended that the business will be offered for sale (or valued), as a “Share Sale” or an        “Asset Sale” or “You Don’t Know Yet”?
4)   What is the nature of the business? We’ll ask you for a brief description. 
5)   How many employees?
6)   What year was the business founded?
7)   What year under current ownership?
8)   Where is the business located?
9)   To provide a written quotation, we will require:

  • Last 6 years’ Year-End Financial Statements, if the business is at least 6 years old, otherwise, for each of the past years.  Each Financial Statement must be the complete financial statement, cover to cover, complete with notes, schedules, and comments, if any.
  • Current year-to-date income statements and balance sheet, assuming your bookkeeping system can generate such.

10) And, there will be many more questions before we’re finished the valuation and/or the business profiles. And commonly, we will request additional materials as well.

We will provide you with our written agreement to hold all your information in absolute confidence.
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