Business-Wanted Sample (example) Ads

Below are three Business Wanted Ads set up for DEMONSTRATION purposes only; each presented in a slightly different way, with 3rdPartyOnLine intermediation and without.  Click on any of the ad images below … to make it full size and legible.

  • HELP LINKS: To preview the BizWanted HELP Topics, click here.
  • Then later, as you are preparing your BizWanted Ad presentation, you will find these same HELP Topics by clicking the HELP menu located in the Menu Bar.
  • CONFIDENTIALITY and NON-DISCLOSURE: Anonymity in this process is often less of an issue to a Buyer than to a Seller.
  • At the Ad presentation stage, particularly when the Seller is presenting a great deal of Confidential Information about the sales and earning, and other confidential matters of the business, then that Owner/Seller will certainly NOT want to identify the Business. Similarly, presumably, when a Buyer is exposing his/her financial information, that Buyer will NOT want identity to be disclosed either.
  • There are comparable reasons why both parties will want and need confidential information in order to begin to gauge their separate levels of interest. Just as the disclosure by the Seller of certain comprehensive business information will provide the Buyer material information with which to begin to quantify the Buyer’s level of Interest, likewise, the Buyer’s net worth statement and background industry and/or business experience will help the Seller begin to understand what the Buyer brings to the table and the potential fit between the Buyer, the Business and the Seller.
  • In such case, the disclosure of confidential information while at the same time retaining confidentiality with respect to identity will generally be important to both sides. Sometimes, however, when a Buyer may be known within the industry of the Seller’s business, or even generally known as a good buyer, knowledge of who the Buyer is might be more valuable to the Seller than would the statement of financial and experience information, in which case, it might be more advantageous to place Buyer’s identity front and center and provide little or nothing with respect to financial information.
  • But, as a Buyer, if confidentiality and anonymity are apt to be important to you, take care to create an ad that is non-identifying.

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