Business-Wanted Ad Suggestions

If you are a buyer looking for a good and profitable business to purchase, we suggest that you describe that business to the business owners looking here online for just such a buyer as you, and we suggest also that you present your qualifying background and financial capabilities sufficient to purchase and continue to operate the business profitably, … and I understand the reluctance to post such information online.

Quite frankly, Business Owners have the same reluctance and difficulty with the idea of posting confidential information on line, such as the Balance Sheet and Annual Sales and Earnings of the business, as will you have about posting your Net Worth Statement online.  But in fact, both parties can post such confidential information publicly online and, at the same time, maintain its confidentiality, if it is posted ANONYMOUSLY.  When no one knows who the person or the entity is that the posting represents, that party’s confidential information will remain the confidential information of that party.

If you are going to post a business-wanted ad, we suggest that it be posted to accomplish two things to your benefit; 1) describe the business you are looking to acquire and, 2) present your good-buyer credentials to the current owner of such a business, in demonstration of your background experience that would position you as one to successfully continue the business operation and, importantly as well, to quantify your abilities to fund the acquisition.

And, there may be a couple of ways you might want to use a business-wanted ad.  One may be to advertise generally to business owner/sellers at large, whether or not they have business-for-sale ad posted, or whether they may just be a business owner searching the wanted ads for someone like you who might be interested in their business.  Another might be to present your credentials to the specific owner of a business-for-sale that may be of interest to you.

Business-Wanted Description

  • Business Sector, or Business Type.
  • General Business Location.
  • Business Size suitable to your needs.
  • More About the Business you’d like to find.

Good-Buyer Credentials

  • First and foremost, most Sellers will be looking for a Buyer with the financial capabilities to purchase and pay for the business.
  • If terms are to include a vendor take back, Seller will be looking for a Buyer willing and able to secure such terms.
  • Sellers will be interested in a Buyer’s experience and background, in order to gauge the potential that “this buyer and business are a fit.”
  • And business owners who are often quite intangibly attached to their businesses and concerned beyond the monetary interests of the selling price, about employees and about the business post sale and consequently will often wonder about a buyer’s background and experience on that intangible level also.


When a business broker is the contact point between buyer and seller, the broker will be a third party buffer providing confidentiality and anonymity that does not existed for a buyer and seller representing themselves when they come quickly into direct contact. In such case, 3rdPartyOnLine, designed into the 2018 version of, is there to provide that broker-like buffer online.

For a business owner and a business buyer representing themselves in the sale and purchase of a business, it can be difficult for either party to provide the material information each will be asking from the other, and at the same time remain anonymous for any prolonged period of time after the first request for more information, and it becomes difficult to keep confidential information confidential.  It may not be quite so difficult for or concerning to a Buyer vs a Seller, in part because the amount of confidential information to be requested from a buyer will generally be much less than that from a seller.  Nevertheless, if you want whatever that information to remain confidential until you are comfortable that time is right, 3rdPartyOnLine is designed to maintain that anonymity and confidentiality.

If you are first-time buyer, we would suggest that you post a business-wanted ad that does not identify you, in particular so that you can anonymously present your financial capabilities to your best advantage in order to make it easy for the business owner to recognize good-buyer background and financial credentials, yet maintain the confidentiality of your confidential information.  If you are a first time buyer, (and likely unknown), it probably won’t make any difference to the seller who you are at this time, but your qualifying background and capabilities will be of great interest, so present the best information about your background and capabilities, financially and otherwise, but don’t disclose who you are at this time.

If you are a relatively UNKNOWN business buyer; one who is generally unknown within the business sector(s) in which you are searching, or in fact, a buyer unknown to the owner of the business in which you might be interested, or maybe you are a KNOWN buyer within the business sector but you do not want to be identified, again, I suggest that you advertise your search criteria and good credentials in ANONYMITY, so as maintain the confidentiality of your confidential information while providing the business seller a good look at what makes you a good and capable buyer-fit for the seller’s business.

On the other hand, you may be a PUBLICLY KNOWN or INDUSTRY KNOWN business buyer. You may be one who’s name alone serves to qualify you to those in your industry, as one with known good-buyer credentials, in which case ANONYMITY might be a hindrance.  In such case; if you are not to be held in anonymity, you obviously won’t want to include Confidential Information, such as a Net Worth Statement posted in a publicly posted ad.

There is a single business-wanted ad format, but one designed to expand and contract with the information you incorporate into the ad.  What and how much information incorporated will be up to you.  But remember, just as you are looking to find material information about a business-for-sale so as to generate interest and begin to form some early assessment of value, fit and opportunity this certain business might represent to you, so will it be for the business owner forming an opinion about what you as a potential buyer might represent to them.  We do suggest that you help that business owner form the right and beneficial opinion.  If you find a business interesting, others are apt to as well.


If you are a business buyer with a business-wanted ad on, with 3rdPartyOnLine engaged, the following will occur.

  • First, the contact information you will have provided in the creation of your ad will be replaced within your Ad, and point of contact will be assumed by 3rdPartyOnLine.
  • 3rdPartyOnLine will notify your contact email address of any and all sellers’ inquiries into your business-wanted ad, and/or will notify the seller of any inquiry you might make into that sellerr’s business-for-sale ad, if any.
  • At the same time, 3rdPartyOnLine will present our Standard Confidentiality Agreement to the inquiring party and ask for their “electronic agreement,” identifying your interest only by its Business-Trader ID number, and upon receipt of such agreement will notify you of such. Nothing will be relayed to the inquiring party without first receiving such Confidentiality Agreement.
  • Any and all subsequent communication between buyer and seller will be relayed through 3rdPartyOnLine.  (You’ll want to ensure your message, materials, information do not break anonymity).
  • No such relays between buyer and seller shall contain your contact information, unless it is provided within the content of the comments, materials and/or information you might provide.  (So again, you’ll want to ensure your message, materials, information do not give up your anonymity).
  • 3rdPartyOnLine shall continue indefinitely, unless and until both parties shall agree that sufficient opportunity is now acknowledged by both parties so as to warrant the lifting of anonymity and until both parties agree to be introduced to the other.
  • Thereafter, the first step in such introduction will be the execution by both parties, of a notarized copy of the same Standard Confidentiality Agreement as had previously been electronically agreed.
  • At such point, buyer and seller will be introduced and free to deal one-on-one, directly.

At such time as buyer and seller will be introduced and opt to deal one-on-one, directly, 3rdPartyOnLinewith respect to the particular buy/sell opportunity” will be terminated, however, BizBrokerOnCall will continue to be available to you both on-line and off-line to help in anyway we might be able, at any stage of the process.

We are and will continue to be personally available both on-line and off-line to help in anyway we might be able, at any stage of the process.

  • Help in the Creation of your Ad
  • Help with a Business Valuation
  • Help in the Preparation of your Presentation Package
  • Help with other Business Brokerage like services
  • And, available to provide full Business Brokerage service.

We are experienced and available on-line and off-line, by email and telephone and Contact Us to help you in any way we can.

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