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A Professional Business Brokerage

There ALWAYS seem to be buyers searching for about every size and type of business; buyers ready, willing and able to pay fair market value.

A proffessional Business Buy and Sell SiteAt the same time, there are business owners ready to sell in order to retire or pursue other interests; owners who are equally willing to accept a fair market price. Yet, many good and profitable businesses NEVER SELL.

The Reason? NEVER … simply means the right buyer and right seller failed to find each other, or failed to communicate and/or recognize the value, fit and opportunity each had afforded the other.

Businesses DO SELL QUICKLY when valued and priced at fair market value, reasonable quantified and presented to the right, ready, willing and able buyer.

My name is Fred Ashe. I am a businessman with 40+ years experience as a business owner/operator, including a business brokerage firm for 20 of those years. I have bought and sold businesses both for myself and on behalf of others, and I now own and operate

Together, let’s make sure your business IS NOT one of the NEVER.

Selling a business is often, at most, a once in a lifetime event for a business owner, and thus a unique opportunity and experience for most. Therefore, many business owners who reach the exact point we are discussing here today, will do so with no previous experience but with lots of questions and concerns.

For such business owners, and for business sellers and buyers alike, we have prepared a library of how-to, how-not-to, and what, when and why information to help provide answers. Simply click the Resources Menu and select a topic. Then, if you need additional information, please contact us.

And, we are offering a unique new set of Ad Formats so as to provide a more comprehensive opportunity to buyer and seller alike to present the real and quantifying information the other is seeking, while at the same time, to maintaining CONFIDENTIALITY and UNDISCLOSED IDENTITY unless and until both parties see a potential buy/sell fit and until both decide they are ready to delve deeper and each shall agree to an introduction to the other.

Thank you for your time with us on We do invite you to freely explore the information you will find under the Resources menu (above) and suggest as well that you review the Sample Ads, that you will find under the Resources menu above as well,  which have been prepared for demonstration in order to help you select the best Ad Format for your business.

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