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  3. Business-Trader.com is an Advertising Publisher. Business-Trader.com accepts and displays advertisements (Ads, listings, postings) of businesses for sale and of businesses wanted, on business-trader.com website(s).  Any fees received for such are solely for the rental of advertising space.  We do not verify any of the information submitted by our Users/Posters for such purpose, nor do we validate the authority of the User/Poster to transact the sale or purchase of the posted business.With regard to the content largely under the Resources Menu of Business-Trader.com:
  4. Information, recommendations, suggestions and/or content (collectively herein called Information) offered under the Resources Menu of Business-Trader.com is anecdotal and opinionated and based in large part on the business brokerage experiences and findings of the President and CEO of Business-Trader.com, from 1996 to 2016.  Your experiences and the experiences of others may not be the same and Business-Trader.com will not be liable for any cost or damage arising either directly or indirectly from any transaction employing such Information or use of such Information otherwise.
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  7. Otherwise, any and all Information is offered in a sincere effort to provide a helpful understanding of and a context to the steps and processes we think typical to a Purchase & Sale of Business transaction and of questions and concerns buyers and sellers are apt to encounter along the way.  However, none of such expressed on Business-Trader.com and none of which, if any, that shall be otherwise expressed by Business-Trader.com, its management and/or its employees shall create a warranty of any kind.With regard to unacceptable language and/or comment posted to Business-Trader.com:
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